Thoracic CT and CoViD-19

The proposed solution allows the analysis of thoracic CT scans using AI tools, based on the know-how developed in China during the CoViD-19 pandemic by Ping An Smart Healthcare, a leader in the “Pan Health Care” field (AI, imaging, blockchain , cloud computing) in China, which has served more than 150 million requests, including over 25,000 CoViD-19 patients with responses in 15 seconds and over 95% accuracy, and integrated for Switzerland and Italy by us.

The solution is based on a back-end AI engine present in the cloud (Italy) or in the AI ​​Box installed at the hospital, which receives DiCom images directly through the network, performs the analysis and responds in about 15 … 30 seconds from receipt.

The CT is typically performed at a voltage of 120KV, currents 150mA, exposure time 1000ms, or other combinations according to the specific protocols of the institution that carries out the CT. The thickness of the slices must be less than 10mm.

During the acquisition phase, the interaction is with the operator of the TAC who performs the upload (automatic or semi-automatic mode).

When returning the data, a WebApp is used that presents the results of the analysis.