Virtual Lung Clinic

The Virtual Lung Clinic respiratory platform allows the monitoring of lung function through a digital spirometer (medical device class IIa) and other specific sensors x CoViD-19 (Temp, SpO2) connected to an application to monitor how lung function and respiratory symptoms evolve in time. The clinician has access to the patient’s generated data via the portal to check whether the patient is in a recovery or decline phase, also intervening via video consultation.

The Virtual Lung Clinic solution is composed of at least 5 components:

  1. hardware hardware digital Air Next for the collection of lung function and any other specific devices (Temp, SpO2)
  2. Mobile application – for data collection and engagent
  3. Portal for the clinician to access data remotely
  4. Cloud system for data storage
  5. Alerts to inform patients and clinicians about how patients’ health is changing

Virtual Lung Clinic allows you to collect data relating to respiratory symptoms, fever, air quality, diary, spirometric data and make a video visit with the clinician.

Patients must create an account using email and password and accept the privacy policy. NuvoAir is GDPR compliant. Patient data cannot be commercialized.

The dashboard or portal for the clinician allows you to monitor patients remotely and have access to all the key information to understand the progress of the disease. Each patient receives a code which must be entered in the application at the time of registration. The code will connect the patient to a predefined team of clinicians.

The main function of the platform is to allow the clinician to monitor patients’ respiratory health remotely and allow them to prioritize the most severe patients. Algorithms designed with internationally renowned pulmonologists alert the clinician if the patient is deteriorating too quickly. Finally, the platform allows you to insert tutorials, informative videos and make video calls.

The proposed solution is now used for monitoring patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, with remote onboarding by the hospital with shipment of the device to the home.

Virtual Lung Clinic is complete, tested, validated and functional, it includes the training of health workers