Innovation manager

Innovation Manager: an expert who helps the company in the digital transformation 4.0 process. According to a survey of the PoliMi Digital Transformation Academy – Digital Observatories – the Innovation Manager is:

• an explorer, the one who selects the partners, who evaluates the opportunities through a careful scouting activity, who has a vision of the digital trends of the future, who analyzes the company’s digitalization request and which falls within the context of reference market, which knows and monitors competitors;

• an innovation evangelist, analyzes and introduces new technologies into the company by activating a correct cultural change;

• an enabler, evaluates and analyzes the projects included in the company and relates to all company functions.  

innovation Manager

The skills of the Innovation Manager

They are many and varied but certainly the competence that par excellence distinguishes them is the so-called “change management”. The Innovation Manager must be the professional who par excellence guides the change in the company, accompanying people towards new goals, new horizons and new ways of operating.

Following, among the capabilities of the Innovation Manager, we find:

• the strategic vision or the ability to know the reference market, industry trends, to adopt the correct technologies, to anticipate the times and requests of the context in which the company operates;

• leadership, or the ability to inspire people towards change by motivating and facilitating transformation processes;

• open-mindedness, the ability to be innovative, creative, curious, enthusiastic and promoter of new opportunities.

Our senior Innovation Managers are at your disposal to accompany you in the innovation process both in the factory and in the digitalization of the processes, as well as following the project by supporting leadership in key decisions and collaborators in change management.




Innovation manager


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