DFMP (Dry Fog Mobile Purifier) ​​is an autonomous mobile robot equipped with a suitable high performance atomization system of disinfectant product to be used for the sanitization of operating theaters and in general of premises where periodic sanitisation is required (surgeries, lanes, chambers hospitalization, food packaging rooms, etc.).

Movement capability is offered either in predefined autonomous mode or through the guidance of an operator connected remotely. Movement is controlled by a navigation and obstacle recognition system.

The sanitizing product is dispensed by special nozzles that can be positioned optimally in relation to the intervention area.

DFMP also has a module to collect the air with the dry fog in suspension at the end of the sanitation period to minimize the time necessary for the reuse of the premises by humans.

The HW / SW modules that make up DFMP are the following:

DRYFOG (light blue) controlled dispensing module, two dispensing heads (green) with movement on two axes, it also contains the tank dedicated to the product to be dispensed.

AIR (light blue) according to the modular module, deals with the production of purified air in the necessary quantities and reduces the concentration of “dry fog” in the air at the end of the treatment.

POWER (blue) section dedicated to powering the mobile device and the payload used.

MOBILE (violet) basic module, takes care of the correct movement of the mobile platform, and of the control of the dispensing nozzles.

SENSOR (gray) module dedicated to monitoring the environment, both for the purpose of physical recognition of the environments, and of the related environmental sensors.

In addition to the mechanical modules, a GUI is provided, i.e. a WebApp with DFMP control interface functions both for remote handling and for programming the interventions.