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Yodh Research S.A. was born as a private structure with a strong orientation towards applied research, thanks to the experience of MS ARES, Division of Microsystems for Applied Research and Engineering Solutions, and to the multidisciplinary skills of its staff. Our team has skills that cover a vast technological field.

Our goal is to create value for Swiss and European companies by developing new and innovative solutions that optimally position them in the current global competition landscape.


Yodh Research’s holistic approach enriches the companies with communicational, organizational, human resource management and training skills that underpin interventions for a better understanding and use of the results.

The same organizational development can become, where necessary, a means to analyse and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the client’s corporate structure by carrying out interventions aimed at an integrated innovation project.


Support for realities of excellence by contributing to the construction of added value

Support for the best companies in the field of research, involving them in shared projects

Value creation for Swiss companies, developing innovative solutions that position them optimally in the current panorama of global competition

Multiphysics approach

The study and analysis of complex systems, characterized by the interaction between multiple concurrent physical processes, is certainly one of the main requirements of a modern production cycle, in any industrial sector.

The “classic” design and simulation examine the real processes and consider every single physical process in a decoupled way from the others, introducing non-negligible approximations.

On the contrary, multiphysics studies the coupling between physical phenomena and considers real processes in their complexity.

In this way, it is possible to optimize both products and industrial processes on a systematic -and no longer merely empirical- basis, to obtain a more accurate assessment of the costs and benefits derived from the application of any technological innovation.

In the research activities followed by Yodh Research S.A., the multiphysics approach offers companies significant benefit and promotes skills’ growth in the technical offices.

Approccio multifisico

To innovate means to grow

To innovate means to grow and to grow means accepting the challenge of change, intercepting and creating new paradigms, experimenting paths and processes of discontinuity in continuity.

It means deciding to invest energy and entrepreneurial will by choosing the right allies, professionals capable of offering competent visions, customized support tailored to the customer and his needs, projects and mission (prototyping, support, maintenance, etc.) in a common successful perspective.

For us at Yodh Research, applied research in high-tech sectors is not only a way of expressing our professional skills, but also a way of collaborating in building a better world.

We believe that having transparent and flexible research services is a fundamental and indispensable step to offer a significant contribution in generating a society that does not separate its economy from the values ​​of civilization, humanity and culture.

Hymn to innovation

There is no growth without innovation; this is a principle whose roots are rooted in time, in human history. A history dotted with discoveries, inventions and above all innovations, things modified to new and capable of bringing about change, improving and enriching the heritage of knowledge and “know-how”.

As you can guess, therefore, innovation is not only a process in the technological field, as is often thought, but a more extensive cultural process that involves not only the exquisitely productive aspects, but also and above all organizational, social and human ones.

Certainly technology as a tool for change has played and plays a leading role on the stage of today’s industrial and post-industrial revolution,

in particular for the strong innovative and creative impact manifested in the field of communications and information.

Communication and information in fact, thanks to new technologies, “new media” and the shortening of space-time distances, have contributed irreversibly to the creation of our current world. A world of globalized markets and contexts of close confrontation, where remote collaborations are now daily practice, but competitiveness has become ruthless in an arena of equally damn competitive economies. In a historical moment like this, therefore, innovation is no longer just a prophetic sign or dream of visionary entrepreneurs open to the risk and experimentation of the new.

Today innovating, engaging, and above all supporting and accepting change, is a dutiful act of reality, adherence to the present without prejudice, and the only way to plan the future as protagonists. Innovation is therefore doing something new, it is an act of creativity, it is making stones an arch, where the arch in turn will be arch and stones, but it is also in a different reading “innovate” in the Latin sense of ovation and celebration , for those who have accepted the challenge of these times by demonstrating that they can successfully innovate their business, both human and professional.

Innovation is the unstoppable process of change, which requires the ability to observe things not only for what they are and for how we are used to considering them but also for what they are not but could be if put in a different order, or at others service.

Observe things not only for what they are and as we are used to considering them but also for what they are not but they could be, or at others service.

Here lies the core of the innovative process, in fact a change process.

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