Yodh Research S.A. is connected with Swiss and Italian universities in order to be able to develop the research in the best way. Thanks to this collaborative configuration, Yodh Research S.A. is able to carry out applied research activities thanks to its skills gained in years of applied research, development, implementation of complex systems that require multidisciplinary skills, and to active collaboration with some of the most qualified university research groups.

Computer vision

Yodh Research has more than twenty years old of experience in computer vision, and it covers all its main aspects in the industrial and scientific field.

Our skills cover lighting systems, acquisition (linear and matrix cameras, in visible and IR) and processing.

The skills gained in the industrial field allow us to develop with the necessary expertise a research that requires synchronization with other devices and multidisciplinary integration of different sensors.

Computer vision


Telemedicine is a rapidly growing and evolving field that aims to improve healthcare and quality of life for patients through the use of advanced technologies and customised solutions. Yodh Research, with over 20 years of experience and expertise in telemedicine, is at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative, state-of-the-art solutions in this field.

Medical Device

Our telemedicine expertise covers a wide range of aspects, including:

  • Remote patient monitoring: We develop solutions for continuous, real-time monitoring of patients’ vital parameters, enabling doctors to keep an eye on their patients’ health conditions remotely and intervene promptly if necessary.
  • Remote medical consultations: Thanks to our telemedicine solutions, patients can consult doctors and specialists remotely, reducing travel and ensuring timely and convenient access to medical care.
  • Chronic disease management: We develop systems for chronic disease management, enabling patients to independently monitor and manage their health and receive medical support in real time.
  • Wearable technologies and monitoring devices: We integrate wearable devices and IoT technologies into our telemedicine solutions to provide continuous monitoring and accurate patient health data.
  • Security and data protection: We ensure the security and privacy of patient health data through the use of advanced security protocols and encryption systems.
  • Interoperability and integration with existing healthcare systems: Our telemedicine solutions are designed to be easily integrated with existing healthcare systems, ensuring an efficient and seamless workflow.
  • Training and support to healthcare professionals: We provide training and support to healthcare professionals in the use of our telemedicine solutions, ensuring rapid adoption and effective implementation of the technologies.

Our experience and expertise in telemedicine allows us to offer customised, state-of-the-art solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. With a team of dedicated experts and an innovation-driven vision, Yodh Research is the ideal partner for your organisation’s telemedicine success.

Medical Device Regulatory

Our team of experts also includes Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance (PRRC), who has extensive experience and knowledge in quality management systems and regulatory compliance for medical devices.

At Yodh Research, we offer Medical Device Regulatory Services, providing comprehensive support to manufacturers throughout the regulatory process. Our PRRC is equipped with the expertise and knowledge to guide our clients through the complexities of regulatory compliance, including the EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) and the Swiss Medical Devices Ordinance.


Embedded computing

Hardware and firmware
  • 8-32 bit microprocessor architectures with interface to the major transport protocols
  • Stepper, brushless, smartmotor, nanomotor motors
  • Firmware
  • Strong integration with ICT high level programming activities

The numerous projects completed by members of Yodh Research S.A. include handling hardware for high precision test machines, hardware / firmware for monitoring the movement of large structures (dams, tunnels, and viaducts), high-performance DCS-based projects, mission-critical electronic subsystems for the telecommunications market, medical devices and remote control.

Embedded computing


The skills in the industrial robotics sector are extensive and cover several areas:

  • Cartesian robots, anthropomorphic
  • AGV for the handling and weighing of chemical products
  • AGV for surveillance of confined spaces
  • Mechatronic applications for the production of wax film on a mixed metal / polyethylene substrate
  • Multi-axis Cartesian robots for the measurement of electronic boards
  • Robotic arms for moving solid-state illuminators

The research uses advanced design tools (assisted with 3D CAD), with appropriate kinematic simulation and structural analysis software.

The designed elements can be made with different rapid prototyping techniques, through the network of private and institutional partners.


Information and Communication Technologies

  • Microsoft and Open Source architectures on any database and operating environment. For example DOT.NET, Java (J2EE, servlet), Windows, Linux, UNIX.
  • Languages ​​and development frameworks
  • Development languages ​​for classical or distributed programming (C #, C ++, etc.).
  • Specific languages ​​/ technologies of Artificial Intelligence (LISP, PROLOG and neural networks)
  • Use of modern development frameworks such as EJB3, Seam, JPA 2, jBpm with user interface rich in Ajax functionality
  • Scala development with NoSql database
Information and Communication

I partner di Yodh Research S.A. hanno sviluppato importanti progetti per il monitoraggio remoto di asset critici (telecom, sanità, produzione in diversi settori), oltre a sistemi di supervisione e di “Manufacturing Intelligence” per industrie metalmeccaniche, nel settore della gomma e della plastica, chimiche, alimentari.

  • Project management, disegno dei processi, analisi dei workflow, navigazione, sicurezza, collegamento con Business Intelligence, e impostazione del replenish
  • Studio e disegno dei processi aziendali, change management, disegno e realizzazione di sistemi di Business Intelligence, implementazione di sistemi dedicati alle problematiche di Retail
  • Consulenza e project management in ambito Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM e Navision
Mobile Computing

Nell’ambito delle ricerche vengono privilegiati strumenti tipici del mobile computing.

Lo sviluppo Android ed iOS per smartphone e tablet richiede competenze specialistiche in quanto è necessario disegnare le interfacce in modo dedicato e progettare l’intera applicazione in funzione del media di destinazione.

Life sciences

The multidisciplinary skills developed in recent years are particularly suitable for solving problems related to technological solutions in the so-called “Life Sciences” sector, where the areas of competence are included in the wide perimeter described by: Computer Vision, Data Acquisition, ICT, Statistical Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

Life sciences

Statistical analysis 

The data acquired, in particular through Computer Vision tools, require specific processing in order to extract truly significant information.

In this phase we insert the Statistical Analysis tools, which we develop and integrate into a standard analysis software for statistical analysis in the data processing flow.

Statistical analysis

Artificial Intelligence 

During the 80s we began to develop skills in the AI ​​sector. Since then, we have followed the main developments in the field and developed numerous applications in different sectors, from safety to the classification of production defects to life science.

For example, technological advances in genomics and imaging have led to an explosion of molecular and cellular profiling data from large numbers of samples acquired.

This rapid increase in the size of biological data and in the frequency of acquisition has put conventional analysis strategies in crisis.

Modern methods of “machine learning”, such as the so-called “deep learning”, allow us to operate on large data sets to identify hidden structures within them, and to make accurate predictions.

Artificial intelligence

IoT (Internet of Things)

Over the past 20 years, scientists and developers at Yodh Research have developed sophisticated remote monitoring and control systems for the most diverse applications, even under severe conditions.

The experiences range from national monitoring systems in the telecommunications sector to monitoring gas cylinders. Thanks to these experiences, Yodh Research has perfected the skills necessary to operate in the vast world of IoT (Internet of Things), ranging from the development of low-cost integrated hardware, to modular I / O sub-systems, to software optimized for reduced band transmission.


Factory of the future 

The Yodh Research’s partner have been operating for many years in numerous sectors related to automation for production and have developed important experiences. Numerous research themes are oriented to implement what we call the Factory of the Future.

It ranges from the search for innovative solutions in production, quality control, diagnostics and  management of corporate assets.

Fabbrica del futuro

Multiphysics simulation

The Yodh Research S.A. team deals with multiphysics simulations, which means simulations involving multiple physical models or multiple simultaneous physical phenomena.

Examples include the combination of fluid dynamics and chemical kinetics, or finite elements and molecular dynamics.

Multiphysics simulations typically require solving coupled systems of partial differential equations.

Almost all physical simulations involve coupled systems, such as the electric and magnetic fields for electromagnetism, or the pressure and speed for sound or the real and imaginary parts of the wave functions of quantum mechanics.

Multiphysics simulation