Industry 4.0

One of the main challenges for companies is called Industry 4.0, and describes the disruptive, global and unstoppable innovation process that is leading and will lead to automated and interconnected industrial production.

Thanks to the development of Industry 4.0, computers are connected and communicate with each other to make decisions without any human involvement. A combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems make Industry 4.0 and the intelligent factory a reality. Thanks to the support of intelligent machines that become more and more intelligent as they access more data, our industries become more efficient, productive and less expensive. Ultimately, it is the network of these machines that are digitally connected to each other, create and share information that translate into the true power of Industry 4.0.

Impresa 4.0

Yodh Research supports Ticino companies in the innovation process both with automated machinery, IoT systems, artificial intelligence, but also by acquiring skills through expert advice (such as innovation managers) or by training their employees.

While many organizations may still deny how Industry 4.0 could impact their business or struggle to find talent or knowledge to know how to best adopt it for their unique use cases, Yodh Research has been implementing changes for years and prepares for a smart future where machines improve business.




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